The Freshery (UK)

Freshery UK is committed to provide finest quality fresh sea food to our local and international markets.

In order to maintain high standards, we work closely with the best suppliers from UK, Sri Lanka, Oman, Maldives, Indonesia and Philippines....

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We are Special

we take pride with maintaining good relations with our suppliers. Hence, we can provide best services ensuring quality and consistency.We have also achieved the ECO labels of “friends of the sea” and “dolphin safe” further complying with all the IUU guidelines and have the recognised licenses.


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Why Us

Tuna & Fishery UK

Tuna is the main variety of fish we deal with since the demand is very high for international market. In Sri lanka they are caught by both long lining and using traditional methods.

Our Key points

Sustainable harvesting in order to protect the resources for next generation and as our environmental policy. More attention on Food Safety.

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